On 519 we reported the cutting of a 12″ hole high

first_img On 5/19 we reported the cutting of a 12″ hole high up in the wall between the two archive rooms. This was in preparation for an air duct. [Photo & Text: sa] June 14, 2004 The Soleri Archives are located on the ground floor of Unit 4 and Unit 5 of the East Crescent Complex. [Photo & Text: sa] This climate control system will keep the archives at 69 degrees, which is the recommended temperature for preservation of archival materials. [Photo & Text: sa] Thanks to Kenny and Rick, from SUN STATE HEATING & COOLING, for a job done quick and efficient, with minimum upheaval to the archive collection. [Photo & Text: sa] Kenny and Rick of SUN STATE HEATING & COOLING, from Prescott, AZ, prepare individual units for a climate control system to be installed in the archive rooms. [Photo & Text: sa] last_img

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