Would you like a dead end webmaster switch

anyway, when we got to the edge, and never give up, look at the case for new methods, Shanghai dragon thought it may help you find the sky is not the same! Ya decoration, ten Hefei decoration company, Admin5 first, please remember us: www.ahgyzs贵族宝贝

‘transformation, and not abandon the love of Shanghai, in 360, Google, soso, Sogou, Youdao the brother of the battlefield! Chinese search engine who is the boss is not our P people say, the decision makers are all users and the webmaster alliance. There is a saying: when you encounter setbacks, try to change a way of thinking to do may succeed. For example, every day outside the chain to reprint articles ranking suddenly website by K, if you still insist on the chain articles? Even the same template site to send the chain, the same to write

here to say ‘transformation, is also the end of the station, give you a new station, what should you do in Shanghai dragon? As everyone knows, the ranking algorithm refers to the major search engines to the index in the list of results for rule evaluation and ranking. It is because the variability of algorithm, the result is that we Shanghai Dragon technology change rapidly, also requires the webmaster to modified flag banner appropriate.


if you give me a new station, how can I go to optimization? Regional decoration industry title writing (pictured above) for example: early we found that love Shanghai Chinese segmentation Hefei decoration company, decoration company in Hefei, Hefei and Hefei as a decoration company, decoration, Hefei decoration decoration, Hefei is not the same meaning! Coupled with these words basically is the industry search, the actual effect may not have the "Hefei’s best decoration company". According to the current Shanghai love and improve the user experience first click on the desire of the rules, the new site can be so named (below). Then this idea applied to other areas, you may no longer difficult Shanghai dragon road.

held in Beijing in eighteen, President Hu once again do not go rigid closed the old, do not go astray ‘transformation. After all, under the leadership of the party, the motherland has never stopped the pace of political reform, "purely decadent capitalist smoke bombs! However in 2012 Shanghai dragon field, to love is in Shanghai directed a" warm boiled frog "show to our webmaster friends besieged: a ruthless batch, pull a, call a number, we should switch to

?The so-called



User recognition and search engine recognition determines the value of the chain

these three characteristics to really do it is not very difficult, but to believe the saying "a high quality the chain more than ten spam chain is more important," a chain of the value in the search engine recognition and user acceptance. So how to give yourself a new definition of the value of the chain? Meizhou Peida network to analyze:

The In addition the

each chain published in time out, ask yourself why the release of this chain, I think from the chain to get what? Just to increase the number of the chain? Or want to let others see the introduction of the chain chain flow? Then ask yourself what you publish the platform is with their own website related industry? This chain will attract the user’s eye, the chain of users have no meaning there is no reprint and share the impulse?, Meizhou Peida network that many workers or owners engaged in network and search engine optimization workers just released a lot the chain, never to care about its value? A value chain is what probably doesn’t know, a value chain must have three characteristics:

recently a lot of workers, or in the network for webmasters and search engine optimization workers said the quality of the chain now has no meaning, no value, after seeing the guardian of Yuan Kun’s article mentioned "the 90% chain is useless" in Meizhou Peida network optimization are saying:

provides a truly unique valuable content

must be reproduced and share

this is in fact, Meizhou Peida network that every chain role is from the effect size to match, we get a new station and a collection of good old station to do comparison, the chain station is to lead the spider, the chain is also the old station is advertising, if a new station just blindly optimize station, while ignoring the construction of the chain of the spider may not know your web presence, even if you are the high quality original article also let the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng workers eat cold-shoulder treatment, but this is probably your original article has been copied to the people bring benefits to the people, and their hard to write articles on their website there is no perfect reflected, but to other sites to bring many benefits, such as a lot of people, because reproduced share. You wrote the article did not go out and not be loved in Shanghai included, even better to write is equal to 0, and for a good collection of the old station, at this station work only need to spend 10 minutes, send the chain "advertisement" to update the site information to love Shanghai still loved it.

chain must be in relevant industry website

must be original convincing

Meizhou Peida network every day will update one to three articles of the original article, the newly established new station, update some worthless content frequently, that is "> chronic Dutch act"

Website ranking to slow don’t go the so-called shortcut


until two months ago, the boss rush in a hurry, I just began to optimize the website. The author in the optimization of the station, each step is very cautious.

but I don’t think that this "brush" had paid the heavy price. At the station included after second days, the author checked the ranking that has been searched, 70 have disappeared, I know site:www.daqifang贵族宝贝 has been in love with altitude hair. The reason of not find out no ranking, I also can not do the modification to the website, to have a week to see ranking has not restored said. A week after the ranking still did not recover, I can be sure this is because the site "brush", the next two weeks to the station every day to make a high quality single home, but eventually see the effect. So, I have lost confidence in this website, no longer the station, because it is too hit, tens of thousands of search volume words let others do even if only a single page can be done up, and do not by power.


"Shanghai dragon threshold is low, not what technical content" recently heard many such evaluation Shanghai dragon, in fact this is not completely unreasonable. Shanghai Longfeng relatively easy entry, on the Internet a lot of related knowledge of the Shanghai dragon, can be said at a forum in Shanghai Longfeng mixed one or two months can be the basic knowledge of the completion of Shanghai dragon. But many novice after the completion of Shanghai dragon concept but not flexible use in practice, there are many thorny questions in the keyword ranking when all don’t know where to solve. So where is the problem? Because many novice before the optimization work did not do a good job of planning after the implementation of the work plan, not a very good idea to work in an emergency situation, also do not know how to solve the problem, there is not strong executive power, etc.. Shanghai dragon can be said to be a toil live, unless you have enough resources of high quality, or technology high also need to spend time and effort to build the website weights in order to get good rankings. "Eat hot tofu", at present more mature love Shanghai before, as long as the site is a bit not friendly to the search engine is easy will be right down.

in this area is also suffered enough, once a new ranking, keywords for aluminum honeycomb panel (very popular keywords), then the author hold as long as it can let the love of Shanghai station was included, do not need to spend much effort to go up. At that time a method to make love Shanghai quickly included new sites is very popular, it is the use of automatic promotion website to guide the spider crawling frequency website to achieve rapid collection effect through the Internet site brush chain. So I had the curiosity to try this method, and the site less than one hour will be included in Shanghai love the home, but not as Ranking Ranking in the love of Shanghai home in just third pages, but I feel that literally brush can make a web site included and ranking in the third page has been a very pleasant surprise, a in a word,

Yang Lin Shanghai Longfeng sites are 8 main reasons causing K

2, the station optimization is not standardized, not in conformity with the search engine optimization.

8, domain name joint, this is the main domain name two level domain name has been K off, the other two of your domain name with domain name are k possible.


5, CSS hidden code, the search engine can be found, I suggest you use js to call these hidden code, because the spider does not go to js.

when your website is not search engine included any page, that your site has been K. The Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin under the analysis of all sites are several main reasons of K:

4, Links problem, we must regularly check their website Links, best to read several times a day, to see the other side of the site, according to the discretion. If the quality is not high, the chain can be removed, and the correlation of the best friends of the chain, it will make you think love Shanghai is feasible in this industry.

7, IP joint, that is your website with IP are being punished, your site will be affected.

The quality of

site has too much junk code, Shanghai dragon optimization technique is too heavy, the accumulation of keywords. Sometimes some optimization techniques can be used in the old station, also can have very good rankings, but these techniques do not at the railway station, because the new weight is very low. There is a reasonable use of HTML tags, what place should use what labels are to understand, in the place website plus H1 plus H1, the indiscriminate use of optimization techniques, which are not conducive to search engine optimization, in fact, the optimization must be natural, not too far.


site is k often occur, but Shenyang, Shanghai dragon Yang Lin, suggest that you do business with their own station, station, the love of Shanghai as a user to treat you, then your site will greatly reduce the chance of being K.

6, outside the chain, don’t use mass software, these techniques search engine that will handle. The chain recommended to the high correlation website or Forum blog to send you, this will be effective and stable to improve website weight. Not related to no meaning, just a number.

1, the website is too poor, the article basically are collected by means of originality is too low, especially the new station to the railway station, Shanghai, love the study period is very strict, if collected too much is likely to receive the punishment.

Author: Yang Lin Shanghai Longfeng source: 贵族宝贝yanglin Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/981.html please keep here please cherish the fruits of labor of others

The method is right down 4 month stand an article back to normal

I specifically how to operate it? It is really very simple, high quality article collocation outside the chain of high quality! Insist on a few days, want to be right down to


original article, so we lack high quality articles! In fact, this is my very headache thing, because the chain resources very little (is a good resource of high weight)! A few days ago, I in our A5 webmaster (here I just in my personal example, you also can to other relevant categories of website submission) contributed an article, is based on my own website in writing! Regulation is very clear, view is unique, so the administrator review by this article! I did not think that our website was beginning to recover the weight to me! Love Shanghai, see a lot of sites are reproduced in the chain, and on my website! But A5 webmaster net weight is very high, so the weight transfer and others reproduced, make my website can be said to be Restored in overnight

in fact, the high quality of the article is the original article, we write some articles, don’t need how many words provisions, but at least more than 2-3 hundred words! And then try to unique title, before writing the original article title, we can think of several title, then go to Shanghai to see if there is love. No repeat, no words can use the content! Then try to appear 1-2 times the content of the title! This is conducive to the inside pages of the rankings

! !


high quality of the chain chain

today is Thursday, before going to bed, I still like many webmaster, check the website! Although one of my site is down right, and right down for more than 4 months, but I still adhere to the site to see the status of every day! Because I am also a novice, many places are not very understand, I find the reason when down the right, found that Links has a problem, I would like to withdraw Links, then the quality of all acquisition, I will go to the pseudo original article! All removed the mass chain! But time in the past 4 months, still no movement! How do I see light suddenly. Let my site back to life! Let’s take a look at my website now the specific circumstances, as follows:

finally, I was summarized, if your site is down right, don’t worry, slowly, old.


This is my = submission

look at this is crazy reproduced in your article, give me a lot of natural


in the webmaster tools to check the weight of 2

high quality of the original article =


this is my view of today’s traffic statistics to flow:

Virtual son rain website optimization work to make stage summary

, mainly for the filling of website content. Because the site is larger, more complex structure, need more content, this time need to edit a lot of content, editing the Daily editorial of 3 diseases, each disease which is divided into four sections: the etiology, symptoms, diet, treatment. Each section also need to prepare 5 articles, such as editing work every day 50-60 article. Which lasted more than a week, the content of the basic web sites need to be filled in the middle to 300 articles about editing. Due to time constraints, the workload is large, the quality of editing work may be lacking, but excess task is still worthy of praise. The editor also need to cooperate with the staff to deal with the content of the website optimization, familiar with optimization techniques and ideas for website promotion optimization.

3, the beginning of the February to March period after

This stage is the initial stage of the establishment of

1, from mid December to the end of December

filled with a website cannot do without content, good website need good content as the cornerstone. The highest standards of behavior that content is king as a web editor really too. In view of the hospital web sites, editorial work is particularly important. Especially the new site — Dongyuan cancer network, in the new need to grasp the quality of the article, the content of the website do best.

this stage because the website structure has been basically completed, the content of the website to enrich it, but from the perspective of optimizing every day, still need to continue to fill a lot of new articles to the site of blood, come to the search engine grab. During this period the daily work for editing 15-20 articles. In this stage, with particular attention to the quality of the website, in addition to the content of the website as possible to optimize, with the completion of daily work through optimization, improve the quality of website content to enhance the site’s weight.

, editor of

work summary

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The optimization work has recently been busy with a hospital, the optimization of a long time, has been to see the effect, the heart is very anxious, but also worry not to rush, only from their own body for reasons. I give website optimization when will generally do a periodic summary, so to sort out their own ideas, but also conducive to some shortcomings and need to review before the improvement in the future. Take the time today to give yourself some time ago some work done to make a summary, including editing work summary and optimization work summary, hope that we can to something from the simple summary of my middle school.

2, a month early to January after

some time ago due to site has reached 300, but the proportion of comprehensive website, collection is still not ideal, so the editorial work is still arduous task. This time editing workload has increased, the daily 20-30 article, is also required to ensure the quality of. Because of this month after the period of the site because of the need for maintenance, so the update has decreased, "

Three correlation factors in Shanghai Longfeng ranking decision

external links is a key factor to improve website ranking, but often see a lot of friends always love rookie signature chain in some webmaster forum, I is not recommended to do so, because? According to the search engine relevance judgments, if not related website or web content no correlation between the external links, then the external link effect is very bad, or it can be said that the garbage outside the chain. Of course, here is not to say that the chain webmaster forum have no effect, can only say the webmaster forum external links just suitable for webmaster type or Shanghai dragon type site useful, this is the correlation between the external links to a web site, the first to do the related external links, then you must go to the search site the correlation between the external links in the site before, to select the site can do the anchor text related external links, is very favorable for the website ranking, once had a friend, do material website, then I told him to put the website pictures alt writing, and then find related sites to do external links, then the effect is the best, and now they have become thousand webmaster.

3. Links correlation

Links for a new station is too important, when you are new sites without weight, Links help you transfer the weight, Links also help you gain a high quality of the external links, but later in the construction site, if you want to have a website weight higher, better the website ranking, you must be Links related to do website, a friend of the website, the website.

correlation factor has been the most important problem of the search engine, a good website must have a good article, or is the high quality of the original article, but the original articles are correlated, for example, our website is a type of computer technology, but your article is some content site optimization article, then the search engine according to the correlation factors, will reduce the weight of your site, then your website is certainly not a good ranking, rookie friends can look at the A5 of this column, is mainly aimed at the search and Shanghai dragon type article, then add the corresponding column correlation the search engine, according to the correlation to determine the weight will also give this section of the web site keywords and give good rankings.

The construction site of

for rookie friends, want to learn Shanghai dragon is a very difficult thing, not to speak of profit, once saw a rookie friends built 12 website, not only the last one without success, and he also put money into it, the most important is he my body is worn out. I was also very depressed, it seems that no method is not enough, so not to say nonsense to us today, directly into the

1. content

2. external correlation

The importance of business.The correlation between

The site restored Shanghai Longfeng work

RewriteEngine On


RewriteCond%{http_host} ^***.cn [NC]

Baidu index:

in normal recovery site included, mainly in the original post, with the release of personal work, intended for the site to bring back the quality of the chain is still considerable, in the normal collection in just two days, because the chain early relatively more noble baby & Baidu spider is still quite active.

htaccess file:

because my blog is the primary key has been "Xiao Feng", "studio", because the hot keyword is only 600 – 1000 of normal weight, in order to restore the site’s ranking, during which I need to make a Links update, steering operation, the original updated the original article transfer the domain name, not completely statistics since the stop from the recovery since at least for a week before returning home to Baidu.

since my personal blog data recovery, has been experiencing two times the volatility of the blow, the registration was forced to transfer to the host from the domestic and foreign, the problems brought by CN examination three months to stop, and this brought directly to the sites included, weight is reduced, affect all aspects of abnormal snapshot. Here, to share some of their own in Shanghai Longfeng do restorative work.

love Shanghai home snapshot exception:

keep the site normal included:

recovery weight:

we know that WwW is a two level domain, due to various reasons to leave in the habit of Internet users, so we are using WwW as the main domain name website update, update, and I have been friends of the chain, the chain has been beginning with WwW site left to exclude all plaintext links. About the domain name problem. Again I think compared to previous search results, because of the WwW and WwW both refer to the same IP, after having found the relevant information, because it is the Linux platform of the host, so I in the htaccess file of the corresponding 301 domain steering operation.

this problem is the recovery work takes the longest time period, the beginning of the phenomenon from the Baidu, when the "Site:LikesPc.Cn" search, love the first page of Shanghai returns the following results:

RewriteEngine on

^ RewriteRule (. *) $贵族宝贝***.cn/$1 [L, R=301]

The webmaster should beware of website ranking Urn pushed to

actually said so much we must also understand that knowledge is unable to penetrate their bone marrow, let it become a habit. Remember the webmaster has always emphasized the words "execution", the execution of absolute decent ranking in the website optimization, many workstations long feel very simple and very tedious and too lazy to do, but we should also understand the phrase "eat bitter one" ah, so still should carry out in the end.

believe that every webmaster to do rankings from the idea to the bitter, website construction, domain name to forecast website online, search engine optimization stage, which is full of tears and sweat how many webmaster, as the saying goes "it is easy to city" ah! The rankings may be hard to do at the moment we do you inadvertently disappear, so in order to avoid the tragedy, and share the influence factors of the website rankings:

today to share with you, hoping to help the webmaster, if you think what’s wrong or wrong.

The stability of score, ranking easier said than done?

3, avoid death chain, garbage chain. The death is mainly reflected in the internal links, this is mainly the webmaster of the revision of the easy mistakes, in order to save a little space to delete the original website structure, resulting in a large number of pages have to point to 404, greatly reduce the spider on the website of the

4, Links. Now I basically get up in the morning after going to the Links Webmaster Tools query site is good, whether to remove or open the website, webmaster found after cleaning, so as not to have the drop right site joint our love station, so as to affect the ranking, Links is very important, I hope a lot of attention.

2, the original web site. Since the search engine is the original love, no more content in the fine, but compared to the many explanations we should also understand, not to say that the snapshot ranking will be stable, stable, is constantly changing, so the original can not stop.

, 5 competitors. When the site of cycle stable we observe can be extended, but also should not matter, competitors often browse news, "in order to understand baizhanbudai, maybe someday competitors will overtake you, and love Shanghai home can let others go up ten, your ranking is not natural Paul, so in order to prevent the tragedy, owners should also observe the competition website.

1, a web server. This factor is the optimization should pay more attention to things from the beginning, but many webmaster when the website snapshot are stable, it is easy to ignore the server instability brought murder.

we all know that the server is not stable, serious impact on the spiders crawl, thus affecting the website ranking, so I want to keep the rankings off, we should pay more attention to the stability of the domain name server and server space, the better, I hope you adhere to the.

The website of Shanghai dragon plan how to write


industry analysis:

analysis of competitors:

website program book Shanghai Longfeng is more customers to understand, we want to give him anything, and why to do so, and to what effect do this. So from these three aspects, Shanghai dragon plan should include industry analysis, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, self analysis, optimization strategy and evaluation of several KPI. The following is a brief introduction of the several how to write! I hope useful for everyone.

because Shanghai Longfeng more knowledge of field operation steps, plan is more strategic level, so if the Shanghai dragon scheme writing became Shanghai Longfeng manual, it would be quite different.

we do website optimization a throw open the current situation is the industry, because the Shanghai dragon is not only ranking optimization, more of the time is to bring more transformation, so instead of transformation, talk about ranking, is unrealistic, but also less. So the industry analysis, let us know the industry for the industry, the current situation has a general understanding of the industry, such as positioning of the target population, population age structure, population search features, this is conducive to the analysis of population of our next key words.


analysis can help us to find the target position in this industry, if in an industry to rapid success, you must need multiple resources together, or before a certain accumulation of resources. That is to say, a Shanghai dragon cannot do without the accumulation of resources, it.

write program book Shanghai dragon is engaged in the process of search engine optimization personnel essential, but for just engaged in Shanghai Longfeng staff, may be a bit overwhelming feeling, although the understanding of some of the steps of website optimization, website optimization, such as URL within the site chain optimization, image optimization, structure optimization, page compression, server optimization etc.. But for writing the program book to the customer, will have no way of feeling.


should be analyzed, do Shanghai Longfeng for keyword analysis is certainly water drains, when choosing the keywords we should pay attention to: first, don’t pay attention to the key words, especially new sites, try not to start setting index especially high word, easy to make optimization into a corner. Secondly, for the rational use of words, especially some strong regional industries, especially important in the choice of regional key.

our competitor analysis, a look at his focus, especially in the network is very mature rivals, their focus is to improve our might. 21 we need to analyze website competitors, their site layout what keywords, web server, site optimization to do what, these are our place of study.